Here’s Why Shah Rukh Khan Banned All Film Magazines And Photo Shoots When He Was A Newcomer

During his early days, Shah Rukh Khan banned the media because he believed that publicity couldn't make or break a star, he gave an example of Amitabh Bachchan.

Shah Rukh Khan stands among the biggest stars in the country with an enormous fan base. The Bollywood superstar delivered two of his career’s biggest hits, ‘Jawan’ and ‘Pathan,’ both earning staggering amounts at the box office. Following the success of these films, the actor hosted a bash for his fans, drawing considerable media attention.

However, there was a time when SRK initiated his movie career by banning film magazines and rejecting photo shoots. He held the belief that these actions didn’t define an actor’s skill and preferred interviews after people had watched his films.

In an old interview with Filmfare, he explained, “I didn’t want to talk to any film magazine till my film was released. I wanted journalists to approach me only after seeing my work. Also, I was put off by certain journalists who are so pompous they believe they can make or break a star. If publicity is everything, all those actors who give fantastic interviews would be superstars. But no, Mr. Bachchan, who the press shunned for years, is still the reigning no.1. There’s no substitute for good work.”

He continued, “Interviews and magazine covers don’t make you a good actor. Does taking off your clothes for photographs prove your virility? Are you a macho hero only if you pose for magazine covers with five girls clinging to you? If other want to do it they are welcome, I’ll stick to my work and keep my private life as private as possible.”

Even now, Shah Rukh Khan rarely does interviews with reporters. But when his movies come out, he talks to a few media groups. Sometimes, he also invites them on his birthday.

The actor is gearing up for his next movie, ‘Dunki,’ with Rajkumar Hirani, set to hit theaters in December. This marks his third film this year following the massive success of ‘Pathaan’ and ‘Jawan.’ Fans and the superstar himself are hopeful that ‘Dunki’ will continue the streak of success.

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