Chunky Panday Reflects On Hilarious Memories With Akshay Kumar & Salman Khan

Chunky Panday said that he took $50,000 from a shopkeeper in a mall to take Salman Khan to his store. Here is that backstory Chunky shared.

Chunky panday has been entertaining his beloved fans with hilarious characters he performed like Aakhri Pasta. Being an outsider in the industry, he achieved all the success, fame and glamour. He established really good relations with many in the industry, like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar. Chunky and their friendship is really priceless. In an interview, Chunky once said that his home is a place for many to meet.

Akshay and Chunky were friends even before they both entered Bollywood. In an exclusive interview with Lehren, Chunky talked about his bond with Salman and Akshay. He disclosed, “I have known him since 1986 when we were in Madhumati class.” There, before teachers, the senior students used to train juniors and so Chunky taught many things to Akshay Kumar. In Akshay’s initial stage in the film industry, his many films didn’t work that well and hence Akshay quipped that whatever he learned from Chunky in the initial stage was so wrong that his films flopped. And hence he unlearned everything he adapted from Chunky. Chunky stated, “When I saw Akshay Kumar for the first time, I knew he is a star even as a kid.” The duo has made many laugh with their films like ‘De Danadan’ and ‘Housefull’.

Chunky and Salman shared a great equation with each other. Chunky called him, “Apna gully ka bachha”. Sharing a comic incident with Salman Khan that happened in South Africa, he said, “I told Salman let’s go shopping, I will give you free jeans. So we went shopping to a mall and then gave him free jeans and shoes. And then he got to know that I had taken $50,000 from a shopkeeper to bring Salman there.” But obviously this incident has a backstory. Shopkeeper did pay $50,000, but he paid $50,000 to sponsorship of the show. He was the sponsor and the deal was to get Salman to the store. Watch this entire video for more comic incidents of Chunky Panday.

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