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Urmila Matondkar Takes Subtle Dig At Kangana Ranaut With Latest Post?

Urmila Matondkar has allegedly taken a subtle dig at Kangana Ranaut’s latest post and it is indeed hilarious. Kangana is yet to react.

The feud between actresses Kangana Ranaut and Urmila Matondkar began this year in the month of September. The cold war between the two started when Matondkar responded to Ranaut’s drug remarks on Bollywood. Undoubtedly, the former’s remarks didn’t go well with the Queen actress and she referred to her as a ‘soft porn actor’. Indeed, Kangana’s defamatory remark invited a lot of criticism.

Recently, Urmila Matondkar joined the political party, Shiv Sena. For the unknown, this political party and Kangana also have some past feuds. The Rangeela actress took a jibe at Kangana by saying how Kangana is getting undue importance.

If that wasn’t enough, taking to her Twitter, Matondkar took yet another subtle dig at Kangana Ranaut. She tweeted, “तुमको मिर्ची लगीं तो, मैं क्या करूँ. Love this song. What do you think.”

The netizens were quick to notice that it is an alleged attack at Kangana. Well, seems like the verbal spat between Urmila and Kangana will go on for a while as the latter is yet to react to this tweet. 

In recent turn of events, Kangana Ranaut has received a legal notice from an advocate in Punjab. It is because the actress posted a tweet wherein she misidentified the Shaheen Bagh dadi. The legal notice is for Kangana to apologise for spreading fake news.

The tweet by Kangana is now been deleted by herself or her team.

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