These Bollywood Stars Were Once Rejected For Their Looks

From Nawazuddin Siddiqui to Anushka Sharma, here is the list of Bollywood actors who were rejected because of their looks.

Every image has a backstory. And obviously, every successful actor has the worst story. A career in acting is absolutely not easy, for many reasons. We have seen actors’ interviews many times where we hear and see about their life stories and struggles.

In the industry, women are conventionally supposed to be beautiful, slim, and fair, and men are conventionally supposed to be hot and good-looking with muscular bodies. To a large extent, good looks matter more than actual acting skills when it comes to casting a lead in a Bollywood film. Although these stereotypes have been broken by some superstars, Shah Rukh Khan is among them. And there are many such celebs who are known as superstars today not because of their looks but because of their talent. However, before stepping into the industry, they had to face some troubles, and the strangest thing was that due to their looks, they faced rejections.

Here is the list of celebs who were rejected because of their conventional looks.

1) Ranveer Singh:

Allegedly, Aditya Chopra had told Ranveer that his looks could not give him much success on the list of lead heroes in Bollywood. In fact, dissed for his unconventional looks by critics and netizens. In an interview, Ranveer revealed what Aditya Chopra told him. You have to act really well if you want people to like you.

2) Anushka Sharma:

We can fully trust that the casting couch is very bad in Bollywood. Anushka Sharma made her debut with Yash Raj Films opposite Shahrukh Khan in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Anushka also faced rejection when filmmaker Karan Johar saw her picture. And he suggested to Aditya Chopra that there was no need to sign Anushka because of her look. 

3) Katrina Kaif:

Katrina Kaif is considered one of the hottest actresses today in Bollywood, although she also had to face rejections in the beginning. The conditions were her foreign looks and accent. Today, in fact, these two qualities have become her pluses as a star.

4) Nawazuddin Siddiqui:

The world over, Nawazuddin is praised for his outstanding performances, but it wasn’t easy for him at first, and he still has to deal with discrimination now. He once wrote on Twitter about how some actresses wouldn’t work with him.

5) Amitabh Bachchan: 

Big B didn’t once lose his job as a radio jockey because of his voice. Even he had to face prejudice for eight years for being a non-camera-friendly face. He was also considered too tall to become a Hindi film hero. Now he is one of the biggest megastars in the industry.

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