“The Kerala Story” Fame Adah Sharma Recites Periodic Table In A Breath, Fans Call Her “Real Talent”

Adah Sharma shocks people as she recited the periodic table in a single breath. Watch the video!

Actress Adah Sharma has been garnering paises from around the world for her intruiging role in “The Kerala Story”. She has also been getting messages of love and praise from fans on social media. Adah is a woman of many talents. Apart from great acting skills, she is a trained dancer. She aces Kathak, Salsa, Ballet and Jazz with utmost grace and perfection. She is a pro in martial arts, shooting, aerial yoga etc. She can also play several musical instruments like piano, flute etc. Needless to say, she is a beauty with multiple talents. Recently, she stunned everyone when she recited periodic table in a single breath.

During a candid interview with Hauterrfly, Adah did what most of the people can’t do throughout their school life and beyond. She knows the periodic table by heart. Isn’t that amazing? Check out the video.

Later in the comment section, Adah wrote that it is just one paragraph and she can easily recite the entire table. People on the Internet are amazed by Adah Sharma’s talent and knowledge. They are calling her “real talent” while drawing comparisons with “nepo kids”.

A person wrote, “This girl is a real talent of Bollywood.Don’t know whether Bollywood deserves her or not.”

“Bollywood walo aakhe kholo real talent isko kehte hai tongue ko nose tak touch karne ko talent ya struggle nahi kehte,” reads another comment.

A fan called her, “Truly educated and finest actress.”

Another netizen commented, “Imagine if Aliya bhat / Jhanvi Kapoor / Daughter of Monkey Panday or any other bullywood actress sitting next to her and listening her.”

A comment reads, “I don’t how can someone say that no one is perfect…. After seeing you I can proudly say… Adah is perfect in all forms ….”

“U r multi-talented,” said one fan.

Amazed by how she recited the periodic table like a rap, a fan said, “Eminem who?”

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This week, her film “The Kerala Story” crossed Rs 200 crore mark at the box office. Overwhelmed to see the success, Adah took to her Instagram and wrote, “Congratulations to the Indian public! Congratulations to all of you who held hoardings, painted art, posted videos, spread the word, travelled across states (watched the video of the bus hired to go from Bengal to Assam to watch TKS in a theatre.. Your movie #TheKeralaStory is a Huge Blockbuster.. thank you for including me in your success.”

She further added, “Heartening to see that even internationally #TheKeralaStory is touching hearts of so many .. it’s just two days old in the UK …. USA ,Cannada , Australia and other countries been reading your messages as well.”

“The Kerala Story” is the first Indian female led film to cross the 200 crore mark at the box office.

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