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Taimur Ali Khan’s Goofy Expression

Here are some goofy expression made by the most popular star kid Taimur Ali Khan.

Just at the mere age of two years, Taimur Ali Khan, son of Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan, is no less popular than any top Bollywood celebrities. Since his birth in 2016 to till date, he has been news for something or the other. He has yet to get a sense of understanding of good and bad, but still, he has a fan following more than some celebrities.

Taimur Ali Khan’s cuteness is what keeps him in the news and here are some goofy expressions on his cute face. Let us see.

From the above photo, we can make out that Taimur Ali Khan is a fun-loving and enthusiastic kid. Here is the first goofy expression by Taimur Ali Khan, as we can see he is trying to make fun of someone with the camera with his tongue stuck out.

While the first picture was one of the latest one, this is a one from his younger days. We can see Taimur Ali Khan looking at his daddy dearest with a surprised expression as if Saif must have told him something serious in his ears. Taimur really looks adorable in this picture.

Take a look at this picture. As we can see maybe Taimur Ali Khan is asking the cameraman to stop clicking pictures and let him enjoy what he is doing.

No matter what expression is there on Taimur’s face, his cuteness always wins our hearts.

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