Sushant’s Fans Relentlessly Trend #302B4ElectionForSSR On Twitter

Late bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput's fans all across the globe are relentlessly trending #302B4Election4SSR on twitter.

Sushant’s death on 14th June 2020 had shocked the entire nation following which his family, fans, the netizens and twitteratis also got united for getting the CBI on board and due to everyone’s trends on social media world wide and pan India, it started creating immense pressure on the Supreme Court of India and then finally they gave the entire case in the able hands of CBI for investigation of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. But now the latest update in the same is that Sushant’s fans relentlessly trend #302B4Election4SSR on Twitter.

Everyone’s hopes are now pinned and focused on the CBI only, for his fans and family have lost their faith and trust in Mumbai police whose reputation is now in the dumps and ruins thanks to their no investigation of late actor Sushant’s death case till at least 2 months which is 60 days following which the case investigation was officially handed over by the Supreme Court of India to the CBI and now sensing the investigation agency’s delay in filing the closure report for the case, Sushant’s fans relentlessly trend #302B4Election4SSR on Twitter.

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Now yet again before the forth coming Bihar elections, his fans, the Netizens and twitteratis have united and come together yet again to question the deliberate delay in the closure reports filing work by the CBI in lieu of the late actor’s death case where we are seeing that the noise for justice and truth has not died and faded away with this fact that Sushant’s fans relentlessly trend #302B4Election4SSR on Twitter.

The netizens are saying very clearly that it is a pre planned murder conspiracy against the late actor through their trends on twitter where even their latest trend #302B4Election4SSR is a proof of the same.

They also tweeted that when everyone else can clearly feel and see this then why can’t the CBI see it and why is it still treating the case as a suicide and not a murder where it should be immediately be filing the case as a murder case under Section 302 of the IPC, by treating only the murder angle as authentic and real and dismissing the suicide angle.

Its only the sheer effort and power of all the fans, Twitteratis, Netizens and people that there are more than 56.2K tweets with the trend as of now where one user also wrote, “It has been 132 days. Already Killers have got a lot of chance to roam freely and ruin the case. Before further delay, custodial interrogation must be started by imposing Sec.302 immediately and Narco test should be done for all witnesses, accused and suspects #302B4Election4SSR”.

Another twitterati writes, “And if Sushant didn’t get Justice, Our Faith in Judiciary and Central Agencies along with democracy Will come crashing down!   So we the citizen of India demands you to Ensure Justice to Sushant Singh Rajput! Ensure fair n Impartial Probe by CBI !  @PMOIndia #302B4Election4SSR”.

Earlier, the AIIMS viscera study report submitted to the CBI also clearly stated and said that it is not a murder but a suicide where as of now, not believing these reports, the CBI is still thoroughly investigating and studying the case from each and every angle.

The latest name of late actor Sushant’s Drive movie co star Sapna Pabbi also came up in the limelight, for even she was officially summoned by the NCB.

Here are some of the most interesting tweets by his fans and Twitteratis who tweeted the trend –

Source: Tannu Priyah Twitter. She also tweeted for the same.
Source: Rupali Twitter. She has also tweeted vehemently for getting justice for Sushant.
Source: Mahipal Singh Chauhan Twitter. Even he has urged for #302B4Election4SSR
Source: Rupali Twitter. She has also tweeted vehemently for getting justice for Sushant
Source: Ashu Tandon Twitter. He has also been vocal by supporting the late actor for the murder conspiracy to come out with #302B4Election4SSR on twitter.