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Shah Rukh Kajol’s DDLJ Continues Matinee Shows At Maratha Mandir

The most loved and globally bollywood's best love story film ever, Shah Rukh Kajol's DDLJ continues its matinee shows tradition at Mumbai's iconic Maratha Mandir theatre.

After recently, last month celebrating 25 years of DDLJ globally, now is another happy news for all the #RajSimran fans and filmy fanatics as Shah Rukh Kajol’s DDLJ continues matinee shows at Maratha Mandir.

Due to the global wide ongoing COVID 19 pandemic lockdown from the past eight months, all the theatres and multiplexes were shut down for the same, but now the Maharashtra Government has finally given permission to open the theatres and multiplexes but with a condition that only 50 percent working capacity and seating capacity as well. So finally, after months of not going out to watch movies, the fans and audiences can breathe a sigh of relief now, as Shah Rukh Kajol’s DDLJ continues matinee shows at Maratha Mandir.

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On the same point, during a recent interview with a leading entertainment tabloid, Manojo Desai, who is the head of Maratha Mandir and G7 Single screens, had said, “The day the cinema halls open in Mumbai, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge will be back in the matinee show. It was always the first show of the day and that tradition will continue”.

He further also shared, “That was the magic of a beautiful story, a fresh on-screen pair, great music, superb performances and fabulous locales. It had such an aspirational value for the audience. People loved it, some even remembered dialogues by heart in just a few weeks of the film’s release”.

Now for all the Indian fandom of #RajSimran who are the timeless and eternal evergreen couple goals from past 25 years in our country, as they both taught us to fall in love in real life with someone who can just be the Raj to your Simran, this is indeed a very exciting and thrilling news. Recently on the completion of 25 glorious successful years of Aditya Chopra’s directorial debut DDLJ by YRF Films which is the most globally adored and loved film that changed the perception of Bollywood in all around the world, During Shah Rukh’s recent interview with a leading digital Indian entertainment portal, when asked about the secret behind Raj and Simran’s evergreen and timeless chemistry, he said, “What worked for Raj and Simran on-screen was basically the pure friendship that Kajol and I shared off-screen. It was all so organic that there were moments in front of the camera that we didn’t feel like we were acting at all. We didn’t really plan scenes. We just let them flow, and if we didn’t like something, we could just blurt it out to each other without any formality”.

In the same interview, Kajol also added this bit, “I loved the script, from beginning to end. There was no part that I heard that I did not feel completely there, and present, and completely part of the film”.

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