Sara Ali Khan And Ibrahim played The Victim Card To Feel Their Parents Guilt About Divorce

Sara Ali Khan reflects on her childhood and recalls blackmailing her estranged parents, Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh, to buy her things. 

Sara Ali Khan has made her name in Bollywood with her talent and skills. She is recently busy to promoting her upcoming film Gaslight. During the promotion, she thought back to her earlier years. She spoke candidly about her interactions with their estranged parents, Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh. The couple split up bitterly, but they went on to lead happy lives with their own families. 

Speaking recently with Bollywood Bubble, Sara was asked if she ever gaslighted her parents when she was younger. Because Saif wasn’t always in touch with his children after his divorce, the actress admits that she still lies to her parents. She continued by saying that no matter their ages, she and her brother, Ibrahim Ali Khan, always used the victim card to get what they wanted from their parents.

She went on to say that no matter how old they were, she and her brother Ibrahim Ali Khan were always playing the victim card to feel their parents’ guilt over their divorce.

The Atrangi Re actress continued by saying that she had known her parents’ marital discontent since she was a very small child. She continued by saying that two happy households were preferable to one where the parents were constantly at odds. Even at the young age of nine, Sara stated, “Even at the age of nine years old, I think I had the maturity to see that these two people living together in our home were not happy. And suddenly, they were much happier living in two new homes. For instance, my mom, who I don’t think had laughed in 10 years, was suddenly happy, beautiful, and excited, like she deserves to be. Why would I be unhappy if I have two happy parents in two happy homes?”

After 13 years of marriage, Ali and Amrita got a divorce. Later, he married Kareena Kapoor Khan in 2012 and welcomed two kids, Taimur Ali Khan and Jehangir Ali Khan.

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