Salman Khan’s Statement On Farmers’ Protest Will Leave You Confused

Salman Khan finally breaks his silence on farmers' protest but his statement will leave you confused.

After being silent for about 2 months, the Indian celebrities are finally addressing the controversy around the new farm bills. While most celebs have supported the government, a few people like Sonakshi Sinha, Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhaskar have expressed their solidarity towards the farmers who are protesting.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan chose to remain silent all this while. However, when he recently attended the Indian Pro Music League in Mumbai, the media was quick to ask him a question on the same. Salman tried his best to avoid it. But then said, “The right thing should be done. The most correct thing should be done. The most noble thing should be done.”

Well, Salman definitely tried to play it safe by giving the most diplomatic answer ever. People are confused that what side is he on! Well, if you have understood what Salman Khan tried to convey, do tell us in the comment section below!