Salman Khan Performances That Prove He Is A Good Actor

Here are some best performances of Salman Khan that prove he is a good actor.

Maybe or maybe not Salman Khan losing is the charm in the box office. But Salman has a huge fan base, who have backed him throughout his career and all his fans love him from the bottom of their heart. Salman has played many different characters in his acting career and he has portrayed each character really well. Some of his characters were also considered as ideal resemblance.

Many people may even say that Salman Khan is not a good actor, but Salman fans can tell him about this following best performance of Salman which proves him to be a good actor and we bet that they won’t say a word after that.

1) Radhe (Tere Naam)

Radhe is one of Salman’s best performances to date. From being a local tapori to falling in love and then ending up in a mental hospital after some incident. Salman portrayed this character really well. His natural acting in this movie made the audience cry along with him.

2) Prem Bhopali(Andaz Apna Apna)

The chemistry of Salman Khan with Aamir Khan in Andaz Apna Apna was memorable and Salman Khan’s reaction as ‘ooi ma’ became a trend and we loved this character from Salman.

3) Anand(Kyu Ki)

Once again a mad lover boy in Kyu Ki got us emotional with every moment in the movie. To decide whether Salman was really mad or imitating being one was very tough.

Salman  Khan has won our hearts with many other characters. These are just a few of many.