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Remo Reacts On Viral Clip Of Man Calling Remdesivir Remo Dsouza

Reacting on the internet viral video clip of a man calling COVID 19 vaccine as Remdesivir, Remo opens up on same and much more in latest interview.

The ace film maker and choreographer Remo reacts on viral clip of man calling remdesivir Remo Dsouza.

Amidst all the tension of the deadly second wave of coronavirus in our country, the renowned choreographer on his insta handle had shared a humorous video wherein a man unknowingly calls remdesivir by his name that too on national TV which did leave him, all his followers and fans in splits and peals of laughter and now, Remo reacts on viral clip of man calling remdesivir Remo Dsouza.

Opening up more on the hilarious and viral clip that took internet and social media by storm and much more, Remo reacts on viral clip of man calling remdesivir Remo Dsouza.

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In this latest interview, the Babygirl (2020) video director and Race 3 (2018) film maker Remo Dsouza shared that originally and at first he could not believe it but later on he and his wife Lizelle couldn’t stop laughing on same and also added that also the pronounciation of Remdesivir was totally confusing for him but gladly because of the man, he can call it Remo Dsouza.

Spilling the beans on the viral clip in his latest interview with a leading newspaper publication, Remo said, “At first, I couldn’t believe what I heard. Then, I showed it to my wife Lizelle and she could not help laughing. Let me tell you that I am not good at pronunciations. The name Remdesivir has been confusing me since many days; I just was not able to pronounce it. This man has given me a new name that I can call it by. In fact, I find it easier to call the antiviral medication instead by my name”.

Adding that even if the man hadn’t goofed up on the vaccination Remdevisir name, still the video deserved to go viral, Remo adds, “I think he was speaking a lot of sense. Plus, he was speaking so well”.

Remo even showed the same video to his son Adonis, who did not see any mistake at first, until he pointed it out to him and explaining same, he said, “So what I feel here is that if you are saying ‘Remdesivir’ in a hurry and with emotion, you might end up saying Remo Dsouza. By the way, many people actually call me Remi”.

Source: Remo Dsouza Instagram. He posted this video clip few days back which went viral.

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