Rashmika Mandanna Calls Herself A Vegetarian And Eats A Chicken Burger, Gets Brutally Trolled 

Rashmika Mandanna comes under attack from trolls as she promotes a junk food brand where she doesn't eat herself but indulges her fans in eating unhealthy foods.

Recently, the expression queen Rashmika Mandanna came under trolls’ hands after owning a commercial that shows her eating a vegetarian burger while she is a vegetarian in real life. As soon as the advertisement hit the internet, netizens started slapping the actress and calling her a liar. Even many are lashing out at her because she is promoting a junk food brand where she doesn’t eat herself but indulges her fans in eating unhealthy foods.

In the McDonald’s ad, it can be seen that the 27-year-old actress is eating a chicken burger. Reacting to the same, one user wrote, “Every celebrity who are advertising brands are like this only..don’t believe them and buy anything ..its obvious that they won’t follow or eat or use whatever they show in advertisements.” Another user wrote, “She has been fooling everyone since start of her career, by degrading pervious industry she has worked in and saying good things about the industry she will work next. So this one is not a big deal for her. Daggar for a reason.” One more user wrote, “Now at least understand why we kanndigas dont like her…. Because she changes her words here and there many times….”

While netizens are trolling the actress, her fans came to her support and said she is just doing her job as an actress. One fan wrote, “Thats an advertisement, she might not be eating the actual product itself and her job is to act, doesn’t mean that she should only act in ads of the products she uses. Please go do something worth your time, instead of spending hate.” Aoother her fan wrote, “Let the girl eat whatever she wants. Clearly she doesn’t eat junk on daily basis. We all are humans, not perfect. We all have phases of eating vegetarian food.The entitlement you guys have,my goodness! The fact that you guys think that she owes you people explanation for eating veg or non veg food. It’s 2023, GROW UP!.”

On the work front, Rashmika will be next seen in Animal along with Ranbir Kapoor. She also has Pushpa 2 in the pipeline with Allu Arjun.

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