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Rakhi Sawant CHALLENGES Baba Ramdev to launch Patanjali condoms!

Rakhi Sawant has a new suggestion or challenge we can say to Baba Ramdev. Will he launch Patanjali condoms on her suggestion?

Drama queen Rakhi Sawant is back and how! After getting heartbroken by Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s wedding and expressing her sadness openly, she has now marched her footsteps towards Baba Ramdev. Yes, while this is not the first time she is challenging the Yoga guru, this time she has a unique and innovative challenge.

Rakhi has now challenged Baba Ramdev to launch Patanjali condoms in the market. Yes, she expressed this in an Instagram video where she says, “Baba Ramdevji agar aap mein dum hain toh aap Patanjali ke condom banake dikhaiye. Everybody wants to see Patanjali ke condom.”

Well, Patanjali has introduced almost everything from soaps to biscuits and from hair oils to groceries, now the only thing remaining is sanitary napkins and condoms. Now that Rakhi has challenged him to introduce Patanjali condoms, don’t be surprised to see them in the markets after few days.

So you might be thinking how will the Patanjali condoms look like? As it is Patanjali, it will surely be organic for sure. And with many other flavors already available in the market, this might come in some herbal flavors as well.

This is just our extended take on Rakhi Sawant’s challenge to Baba Ramdev and it is his sole decision to introduce Patanjali condoms or not.

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