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Priyanka Chopra Spills Actor’s Secrets, Claims They Do Nothing And Too Much Credit Is Given

Priyanka revealed what an actor actually does and how she became a popular star working with best filmmakers

Priyanka Chopra recently visited India to complete her brand commitments. During her trip, she launched her haircare brand in Mumbai. Being a UNICEF member she also visited Uttar Pradesh to attend their programs. She took the internet by storm with her return to India after 3 months. She continues to make waves online with her sincere remarks about actors.

Bollywood’s PC is indeed a Desi Girl sharing the honest job of an actor being a successful actor herself. In a recent interview with Janice Sequeira, Priyanka revealed what an actor actually does and how she became a popular star. She was candid to say people give too much credit to the actors, and their role in a movie is very limited. 

Priyanka said, “This doesn’t have to do with just working with the best in the business in the States (US). Even when I was working in Bollywood, working with the best filmmakers taught me how to be the best actor. We give too much credit to actors; actors do nothing by the way. We really don’t. I’ve always said this. Actors do nothing… Those 30 seconds of a scene, is where I come in. And then when I talk about the movie etc. So I have a very limited role.”

She further added, “We say out somebody else’s words, we are working on a script that is written by someone else, we are lip-syncing and singing songs that are in someone else’s voice. We’re dancing steps that are choreographed by somebody else. We are doing marketing, where questions are asked by somebody else. We are dressed by somebody, hair and makeup are done by somebody. So what am I doing?”

On the work front, she has multiple projects in the pipeline including Ending Things with Anthony Mackie and It’s All Coming Back To Me with Celine Dion. She will also feature with Richard Madden in Russo Brothers’ Prime Video series Citadel. She also has Farhan Akhtar’s road trip movie Jee Le Zaraa also starring Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt. 

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