Priyanka Chopra Revealed Once On Set That The director Wanted To See Her Only In Underwear

Priyanaka Chopra recalled a dehumanising moment when the director just wanted to see her in underwear on the set.

Priyanka Chopra gained fandom globally with her craft. While enjoying her success in Bollywood, PeeCee has made her foray into Hollywood with the same enthusiasm. Recently, Priyanka made some shocking revelations against Bollywood and also revealed why she took a break from the industry after people pushed her into that corner and more. Now the actress revealed that at the beginning of her Bollywood career, she was once uncomfortable by the director during the shoot of a film on the set. She said that after working on it for two days, she walked out of the film.

Speaking with The Zoe Report, Priyanka spoke about her experience at the beginning of her career. She revealed that she was offered a film in which she was to play a character who goes undercover. The Desi girl recalled how the director wanted to see her in only underwear while shooting a striping scene. The global star shared that she once played an undercover character in a movie in which she had to seduce a man. The actress then revealed that, throughout the filming, she had to remove one piece of clothing at a time. She soon remembered that the director had requested to see Priyanka’s pants. When she wanted to layer up, the filmmaker stopped her and said he wanted to see Priyanka in underwear.

Eloborating the same, PeeCee said that the director instructed her stylist, who was in front of her, rather than saying it to her directly. She felt uncomfortable. Such an encounter, she said, was “dehumanising” and left her feeling strange.