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Preity Zinta Takes 3rd COVID-19 Test In Dubai Ahead Of IPL

Actor Preity Zinta flew to Dubai last week to attend the Indian Premiere League (IPL) 2020. She is currently completing her quarantine period in a hotel. She was tested for Covid-19 for the third time and has tested negative. She shared a video as a healthcare worker visited her and performed a Swab test on her. She wrote in on caption, “3rd COVID test was done and the result was negative. I’m so happy and relieved and grateful to this wonderful lady for being gentle while testing cause it’s quite an experience getting a COVID test.” 

She further added, “Now two more tests to go and 2 more days in quarantine. I’ve been so jet lagged that I got my quarantine days wrong. It’s day 5 of quarantine today.”

The actor has been sharing updates of her quarantine via videos on her social media. In one of her videos, she said, “Day 2 of quarantine is all about being positive in life and crossing your fingers and praying that you are negative post a COVID test. It’s always a bit scary when you take this test so fingers crossed. Take care and stay safe guys… love you all.”

She also expressed her distress on the negativity on social media. Preity said that people focus on spreading positivity amongst each other at a time when the world is fighting a pandemic. She humourously said that one should stay positive except when the Covid-19 test is concerned.

Preity Zinta is the co-owner of Kings XI Punjab.

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