Pankaj Breaks Silence On Uttar Pradesh MP’s Action Against Mirzapur

Bonafide actor Pankaj Tripathi, who is best known for films like Gurgaon, Stree, Bareilly Ki Barfi and so on breaks silence on Uttar Pradesh MP's action against Mirzapur

He is one of the most finely nuanced and finest Bollywood actors in our industry today who has made a place in the hearts of his fans not just in India but also across the globe along with captivating the audiences and filmy fanatics with his powerful performances in films like Stree (2018), Bareilly Ki Barfi (2017), Gunjan Saxena (Netflix 2020), Mirzapur (Amazon Prime Video 2019), and so on. It is his sheer hardwork and dedication for his craft which has made him reach the pinnacle of success in both films and the currently booming OTT digital web space. Like it is always said, if there is unconditional love on one part, then on the flip side there is also a section of people that troll and doesn’t like content due to which many times actors and their movies or webseries have to face the ire and backlash from them, on which many actors certainly don’t like reacting but this is something new since ace actor Pankaj breaks silence on Uttar Pradesh MP’s action against Mirzapur.

If the show is being considered as timeless and classic for its brilliant performances by their star cast along with the fantastically written storyline, then yes, without a doubt certain section of people have come straight forward and backlashing for the way Mirzapur has been portrayed in the series which is very bad and controversial enough since according to those people it is indirectly trying to spoil their town’s reputation and image in the society and media and now on the same, finally exemplary actor Pankaj breaks silence on Uttar Pradesh MP’s action against Mirzapur.

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To be honest, particularly the town’s MP (Member Of Parliament) Anupriya Patel is taking an action against makers and creators of Amazon Prime Video webseries Mirzapur citing that they have been showing and trying to create a bad and disturbing image of their town Mirzapur from their series which is not acceptable.

It’s very interesting since Mirzapur is one of the very rare shows that has been successful enough in capturing the hearts and attention of the entire audiences both in the first and second season where with the sequel as well, makers have not disappointed us and infact it has raised the bar from its first part and managed to keep the hype and oomph level up.

However, like any actor faces, with critical acclaims and unconditional love for the show there also comes in a huge section of backlash which is what has been experienced recently by the webseries Mirzapur as well. Now after the Uttar Pradesh MP Anupriya Patel placed some serious allegations on the makers and show also telling that she will be taking a strict action against them for the same since they have tried showing Mirzapur in a bad light, Mirzapur fame bonafide actor Pankaj breaks silence on Uttar Pradesh MP’s action against Mirzapur.

In his recent interview with a leading newspaper publication he said, “There is a disclaimer that comes before every episode which reads that Mirzapur is a fictional story and does not have any relation to an individual and/or place. I am an actor and I wouldn’t have much to say on this beyond what I have stated. Having said that, I would like to add that in ‘Mirzapur’ series, if there are criminals, there’s also a hero by the name Ramakanth Pandit (Rajesh Tailang), who wants to do good for the city”.

He further more also reacted to his character Kaleen Bhaiya now turning into an iconic cult villain on the level of Mogambo (Amrish Puri) and Gabbar (Amjad Khan) in our Indian cinema where he quipped, “I feel humbled. It is an achievement for me that the audiences liked Kaleen Bhaiya and are comparing him to legendary, iconic characters. It’s an honour and I will make an effort to do even better every time I come on-screen or play a character. I essayed the role completely on the basis on the script that was given to me. Never took any inspiration from anyone in real life”.