Mithun Chakraborty’s Sons Mahaakshay & Namashi Reflects On Their Bond With Govinda & Salman khan

Mahaakshay and Namashi share a good bond with their dear Chichi Bhaiya, Govinda and Salman Khan. Watch this video to know about their memories together.

Versatile actor, and Dancer Mithun Chakraborty not only gave superhits to Bollywood, but he has also made some precious bonds with many B-town’s personalities, and no doubt, his sons have carried forward this legacy. They have kept those bonds fresh and close with their father’s friends. Mahaakshay Chakraborty and Namashi Chakraborty talked about their bonding with Govinda and Salman Khan. Going to Govinda’s house every birthday to chill with Salman Khan on his set, they shared the golden memories of them with Govinda and Salman in an exclusive interview with Lehren.

We all know that Bollywood’s Prem is really a kind-hearted person. Once he gave an example of Mahaakshay to one of the starkids, saying, “You are getting it easy. Look at him, he is not even getting a chance to struggle and he is still standing here.” Namashi revealed that Salman Bhai told him “F**k Off” on the set of “Radhe”. He narrated the incident, ” I went and touched his feet. And I can say this in the camera, he said, ‘Fuck off’. He gave me a hug, and he said, ‘If you ever do this again, especially if Disha Patani is sitting here, and you touch my feet, I’m gonna throw you out of the set.'”

When they were asked who the best actor is Govind or Mithun, Namashi said that Mithun is the best actor, citing the reason that Govinda is an actor who was typecast in comedy roles. He further elaborated, “My father could break that he can play a Disco Dancer, he can play a Jalaad. Unfortunately, Chichi Bhaiya (Govinda) got typecast, but even in that he was marvellous.” 

Namashi Chakraborty is a big fan of King Khan but Mithun told him that Shah Rukh is fantastic, but if he wanted to see a complete actor, he should watch Govinda. Namashi outlined his Chichi Bhaiya as a wholesome package. Even Mahaakshay got a chance to work with his Chichi Bhaiya. He worked with Suniel Shetty and Govinda in the film “Loot”. 

Mahaakshay and Namashi revealed many such memories, which you will find interesting to listen to. Watch this exclusive interview here. 

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