Malaika Arora Gets Slammed For Hiding Her Real Age, As She Is 2 Years Older Than Ex-Husband

Malaika Arora is two years older than her ex-husband Arbaaz Khan, so she is 57, but a Google search shows she is 49. 

Bollywood actress Malaika Arora is making headlines day by day for many reasons. To be fair, everyone is mesmerised by her beauty and her fitness, even though she is 49 years old. But do you believe that her real age is 57 and not 49. We all know that nothing can be hidden from the world of the internet, so how can Malaika’s real life remain silent. Actually, an old interview of Malaika with her ex-husband Arbaaz Khan is going viral, in which she accepts that she is 2 years older than him.

Now the internet is shocked to learn that if Arbaaz is 55, then Malaika must be 57. But the questionable thing is that in a Google search, her age shows as 49 years old, due to which netizens are trolling her to hide her real age.

In the old video, Arbaaz and Malaika appeared in Arbaaz Khan’s show Sajid Superstars. In which he asks her that Arbaaz is 2 years older than Malaika Arora, on whom they all laugh, and he further asks, “How does it feel you married a man younger than you? She replied, “I think it’s achha lagta hai.”

The surprised people seeing her fit and fine even this age praising her to maintain herself. Some of the slapping Sajid for asking “Kaisa lagta hai.” And others are slapping her for hiding her real age. 

The actual age of Malaika Arora.
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See here’s the mixed reaction:

One user wrote, “2 years is nothing why this man is announcing like this kaisa lagta hai marrying younger man.”

The second user wrote, “she had plenty of cosmetic surgery procedures. Removed a rib or two to get that thin waist.”

The third user wrote, “Dammmmnnn ! For 57 tht lady is mighty fine..n can give a lot of 30 yr olds a run for their money …. And to keep herself that fit n firm tht a 30 yr old guy is entranced by her and is in love with her and flaunts her as a trophy everywhere !!!!!”

The fourth user wrote, “she is fullll of botox and fillers now.. have seen her in person a few times.”

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