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Kareena Gives Full Glimpse Of Their Youngest Babyboy On Insta

Making the occasion of international mother's day more special, B town diva Kareena finally gives full glimpse of their youngest babyboy on instagram to her fans and followers.

On the occasion of mother’s day which is celebrated internationally every year, Bollywood’s diva star Kareena gives full glimpse of their youngest babyboy on insta.

Taking to her official social media handle and uploading a heartwarming picture of Taimur with their newborn son, finally Kareena gives full glimpse of their youngest babyboy on insta.

She took to her official instagram account and dropped a lovable picture which gave the fans the entire look at their youngest son and they might be feeling really happy since Kareena gives full glimpse of their youngest babyboy on insta.

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After almost 3 months since their youngest son’s birth who is the apple of both Khan and Kapoor family and also their chhote nawab, the media and fans curiosity and wish of seeing the powerful bollywood couple Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s babyboy on social media has been fulfilled since the Chameli (2003) fame global superstar Kareena has finally ended up giving the complete and entire glimpse of their youngest babyboy on insta making the occasion of Mother’s day 2021 more special and memorable and it also is a surprise gift for her fans and followers on social media.

Whilst Kareena didn’t stop herself from pictures of their elder adorable munchkin Taimur going viral on social media immediately after his birth 5 years back, she kept her second son away from media glare and cameras and also teased her fans by uploading pictures of their newest babyboy by hiding his face but now ultimately she has dropped a lovely picture of Taimur holding and adorably cradling their newborn son and his younger brother and also surprisingly their babyboy’s entire face has been revealed which is a total glimpse of him on social media on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Whilst sharing this picture on her insta handle, Kareena has spoken about hope and her caption read, “आज उम्मीद पे पूरी दुनिया कायम है, And these two give me hope… for a better tomorrow. Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful, strong mothers out there… Keep the faith…”.

Source: Kareena Kapoor Khan Instagram. She posted this adorable picture of Taimur cradling their babyboy and gave complete glimpse of him to fans today.

Even though now Bebo has revealed the picture of their babyboy but hasn’t revealed his name yet and after entire controversy which happened for Taimur’s name few years back in 2016, they have not shared their youngest son’s name and a source in his interview byte with a veteran film journalist of a leading digital entertainment portal was quoted saying, “You won’t see Taimur’s sibling in public. In fact when he’s a little older he won’t be exposed the public glare the way Taimur was. I think Kareena and Saif have learnt their lesson. The more you give into media hunger for you children’s pictures the more they haunt you. So yeah, Baby No.2 won’t be seenplaying/painting/whatever”.

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