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Kangana Ranaut’s Christmas Wish Starts A Serious Debate

Kangana Ranaut posted a Christmas wish on Twitter but with certain terms and conditions which isn't going well with people.

It’s difficult for Kangana Ranaut to stay out of news even for a day. And that’s what happened on Christmas Day as well. On a festival of warmth, and joy, Kangana decided to wish people a Merry Christmas but with certain terms and conditions.

Kangana shared photos of herself and her nephew as they posed in front of a Christmas tree. She wrote, “Merry Christmas to only those who respect and accept all Indian festivals. Merry Christmas to only those who don’t do selective activism only around Hindu festivals.”

Well, her tweet is clearly controversial in nature. While her fans supported her, others were upset and anxious.

A user wrote, “Respect is a two-way street madam. Whole year you will keep on chanting ‘Ricebags ricebags. ‘ Looks like you’re craving for some authentic Christmas cake made by the ricebags now. We don’t need your poisonous wishes. Whether you wish us or not, it’ll still be a Merry Occasion for us.”

Another user commented, “Why has miss runout put up a christmas tree when her black heart is full of toxic hate.”

One person took a dig at her as he wrote, “That means Bajrang Dal is excluded by your wishes.”

Some remain unaffected by her latest tweet as one of them wrote, “Every time I refresh Twitter, I see Kangana fighting with two more people.”

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