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Kangana Ranaut BLOCKS Bigg Boss Fame Himanshi Khurana

Kangana Ranaut has blocked Punjabi actor and singer Himanshi Khurrana on Twitter. Find out why!

Kangana Ranaut, who is one of the top most actors of Bollywood has blocked Punjabi actor and singer Himanshi Khurana on Twitter. Himanshi became a household name after she participated in Bigg Boss 13. You must be wondering that what went wrong between the two that Kangana had to block her on Twitter.

Let us tell you that it all started when Kangana condemned the farmers’ protest in norther Indian and even called the farmers ‘anti-national’. A few days ago, Kangana had tweeted, “Shame… in the name of farmers har koi apni rotiyaan sek raha hai, hopefully, government won’t allow anti-national elements to take advantage and create another Shaheen Baag riots for bloodthirsty vultures and tukde gang…”

This definitely didn’t go well with Himanshi who hails from Punjab. She replied to Kangana,  “Oh she’s spokesperson now…..baat ko galt angle dena inse sikhe koi.”

Himanshi then also called out Kangana for making “a false claim” about the 82-year-old Bilkis from Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh protests and saying that she was available for hire to make appearances in protests for “Rs 100”. 

Himanshi’s apt reply definitely hurt the sentiments of Kangana because turns out that Kangana was wrong about her statements. And as a result, Kangana blocked Himanshi.

The interesting thing is that Himanshi and Kangana were just doing the same thing- that is expressing their opinions. But seems like Kangana doesn’t like to hear out other people’s opinions as much as she likes to offer her opinions to others.

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