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John Abraham Was A PESCATARIAN… Until He Saw ‘SEASPIRACY’ On Netflix

One cynic took a swipe at John Abraham and wondered, ‘So, is the animal lover a vegetarian?’

When animal lover John Abraham recently clenched his fists and hit out at a cruel dog-killer in Patiala, twitterati and fans on various platforms broke into applause. Everybody knows that if John ever comes across animal abuse, he won’t stay quiet, he’ll throw his bulk behind any organisation or movement that fights for the four-legged innocent, the winged or for creatures that swim. 

But, along with all the accolades, the usual quota of snide remarks that follow celebrities was also registered on social platforms. One cynic took a swipe at John and wondered, ‘So, is the animal lover a vegetarian?’ 

Well, here’s some inside info. Until recently, the actor was a pescatarian. You can either google the word or ask Shashi Tharoor, who incidentally, may be from beef-eating Kerala but is a vegetarian. 

Or, we’ll tell you that a pescatarian is one who eats only fish, not any other meat.

However, when the actor recently watched ‘Seaspiracy’ on Netflix, a revelatory documentary on how much damage commercial fishing has caused to the environment, the seabed and marine life, he was moved and completely converted. Perhaps the only ‘non-veg’ that John eats today is egg whites. 

Now that piece of information should silence his trolls.

On the professional front, Sardar Ka Grandson has started streaming on Netflix. John is one of the producers of the Arjun Kapoor starrer and makes a fleeting appearance in it. As a hero, John has so far avoided making a debut on any OTT platform.

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