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Is This The End Of Deepika Padukone’s Career?

With invovement in drugs case and controversial visit to JNU earlier this year, will Deepika Padukone's career end on an ugly note?

2020 has been a really tough year for Deepika Padukone. She is currently hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Deepika’s name has come up in the ongoing drug nexus probe in Bollywood by Narcotics Control Bureau. Her old WhatsApp chats asking for drugs have gone viral in the public domain and she is being questioned by the NCB, by media, and her fans.

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As the ugly secrets of Bollywood are unveiling, people are waking up to realize that these celebrities don’t deserve the stardom they get! And it’s not just about Deepika, but everybody whose names are surfacing as the investigation deepens.

Trouble for Deepika didn’t begin with this investigation. She had a rough start to this year when she joined the protests against CAA and NRC in JNU. What followed is known to everyone. Her film Chhapaak, which was a female-centric film showcasing the sensitive and serious issue of acid attacks was boycotted by people. And the film turned out to be a big flop at the box office. And things didn’t end just here. In order to promote her film, Deepika started a TikTok challenge along with an influencer in which they put on the acid attack look. Well, this was surely the worst PR she could have done. People were furious as she compared acid attack to a mere look on TikTok. And for what? Make money from a film on an acid attack survivor?

Unlike other times, people didn’t forget and moved on. Instead, they announced a boycott of her film 83 based on Kapil Dev’s life.

She was already in the boycott list of certain people and then this drug controversy came up. Do you know, she was the 2nd most followed Indian actor on Instagram after Priyanka Chopra at a time? And then, Shraddha Kapoor took over to grab the no. 2 position. Shraddha- the other name that has come up in the drug nexus.

Over 50 million people follow Deepika on Instagram. And similar is her following on other social media platforms. Deepika is also the ambassador of several popular brands.

The brand visibility of Deepika took a hit when she visited JNU because people ended up boycotting the products she endorsed. A brand had said that they will not showcase Deepika for two weeks and hope that the issue normalizes by then.

Well, somewhat similar is happening this time again. With the boycott of films by fans, and the brand endorsement slipping away from her hands, we wonder if this would be the end of her career. If she will too face jail time like Rhea Chakraborty who is under arrest for her involvement in drugs nexus! 

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