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Disha Patani Reveals What She Has Done To Impress Tiger Shroff

Here is how Disha Patani Impressed Tiger Shroff.

The Gorgeous Actress Disha Patani and Young Heathrobe Actor Tiger Shroff are rumored to be dating each other since the past few years.  The couple is also considered to be the most adorable and beautiful couple from the Bollywood Industry. 

Recently in one of the interview on the youtube channel of Siddharth Kannan. Siddharth asked Disha how she feels about Tiger. While telling few other things during the interview she also revealed that she has been hitting on Tiger for past few years,  she also said that she has been trying to do various things in order to impress Tiger. 

Disha said that she had learned Kicking and other martial arts forms just to impress Tiger, but Tiger isn’t impressed with this yet. 

Replying to all of what Disha said,  Tiger funnily replied that, he is already impressed with her and just playing hard to get. He even finds it great that someone so hot like Disha is hitting on him and trying to impress him.

Listening to such cute and amazing things the cute couple themselves is quite overwhelming and we really give our best wishes to the hottest Jodi of the Bollywood Industry.

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