Dhaakad: Kangana Ranaut Starrer Fails To Get OTT Platform?

The Makers of Dhaakad featuring Kangana Ranaut are struggling to get an OTT platform for online streaming.

Kangana Ranaut’s film Dhaakad was released recently in theaters but unfortunately proved to be a super flop. This film earned very little on the opening day, guessing because it competed with Kartik Aaryan’s Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, which received tremendous success. It has also been reported that Dhaakad screens were replaced by Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 due to zero audience presence. Since the release, the makers are suffering a lot of setbacks, and now they are struggling to get an OTT platform for online streaming as no one is ready to buy OTT and satellite rights of Kangana’s Dhaakad.

Usually, the rights of films are sold before their release, according to the report of Bollywood Hungama. The producers make a profit from the amount obtained by selling the rights to OTT platforms and television channels, In the case of Dhaakad, the makers desired to get a good deal, hence, did not sell their rights before its release. And now, unfortunately, because of flop results, no one is ready to buy those rights. Producers of Dhaakad cannot expect good money for OTT and satellite after the movie flopped terribly at the box office.

Kangana Ranaut’s Dhaakad struggles to release online

According to a source: “Usually, these rights are sold before the release. The revenue earned by selling the film to a streaming giant and television channel often helps the producers to make a profit. In case of Dhaakad, the makers had not sold the rights before release in the hope of a better deal. That’s why, there was no mention of the OTT and the satellite partner in the opening slate of the film, as is the norm nowadays.”

Since Dhaakad is distributed by Zee Studios theatrically the news is that Zee will buy the OTT and television right. However, that is not the story, because the makers are trying to pitch Amazon Prime Video and Zee5 is not the OTT partner of the film, suggests reports.

An industry insider said, “Zee might still come on board for the TV and digital premiere. It’s a wait-and-watch situation. Dhaakad was made at a budget of nearly Rs. 80-90 crores. The losses for the producers would be unimaginable.” The producers are now left with no option but to settle for a lesser price.

The action-thriller film, also starring Arjun Rampal and Divya Dutta, is made on a budget of about 100 crores and has not been able to do business of even 3 crores at the box office. Dhaakad was released on 2100 screens but after the flop it has been reduced to 250-300 screens.

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