Danny Denzongpa Reflects On The Toughest Helicopter Scene In Pukar He Did Without Dummy

Danny Denzongpa turns 76 today. In an exclusive flashback interview with Lehren, he shared his experience of working in Anil Kapoor starrer "Pukar" released in 2000.

Danny Denzongpa who was last seen the movie “Uunchai”, turns 56 today on February 25. Though Danny has done many character roles, he is known for being the best villain in the Bollywood industry. And not only Bollywood, but he has made his impression on the Hollywood film industry too. This evergreen actor once in his career did an adventurous stunt scene in a movie without dummy. That film was “Pukar”, released in the year 2000.

Pukar was directed by Rajkumar Santoshi and Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit played the lead roles in that movie. Danny, who portrayed Abhrush, the antagonist of the film, was a terrorist. In a flashback interview with Lehren Podcast, Danny shared his experience of working in this film. He spoke about the physically difficult scene in the movie, the helicopter shot. This handsome and stunning actor didn’t use a dummy while filming the helicopter stunt scene. In that scene, Danny was standing at the door of a helicopter when it was flying, and he was trying to shoot the hero with a gun. Helicopter was nearly 1500 feet above the ground. While shooting that, a helicopter went near to a tree and due to its fans, the branches of the tree got damaged. So there came many physical challenges while shooting this song, but the actor didn’t give up. He said that such things happen, and you get used to it gradually.

Later he also revealed the reason behind the long-running production of the movie as it took nearly 3 years to complete. Danny praised his costars with whom he already had experience of working, like Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit etc. Do watch this exclusive podcast with Lehren.

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