Chor: The Globally Trending Track Is Sung By Justh, A Chartered Accountant!

For the first time in history, a CHOR is getting viral JUSTH for the right reasons!

If you love scrolling reels on Instagram & Facebook, then this story is surely for you. All of you must have come across the song called ‘Chor’ in recent times? ‘Justh’ is the name of the viral star-singer behind this super trending song on social media called Chor. As per reports, an Indian by origin Justh has initially practised his career as a chartered accountant, but has now taken over the entire internet space by his spectacular voice & storytelling through Chor!

The Hit Chartbuster Chor has garnered more than 9 Million views on Youtube and is trending as ‘#52 top music video’ currently. Chor, is even amongst top in charts at spotify too, in turn attracting popularity on National and Global levels.

In a recent chat with the Indian Express, Justh revealed some interesting facts about himself, “I think there is no such thing as a stage name or a non-stage name. Justh is only making tea. Justh is only having his food and Justh is only performing. So I don’t believe in this concept like this is a stage name and this is a non-stage name.”

While talking about his unique name, he elaborated, “It’s a new word in the universe. So, there is no meaning to it, but I gave meaning to it,” in turn refusing to reveal his real name.

Sharing a screenshot from Spotify which showcases ‘Chor’ in the Viral 50 list, Justh penned, “Chor is now the Global Number 1 Viral Song at the moment on Spotify. Like Worldwide Number 1 Viral Song at the moment. This is something else. I don’t know what to say. This is an independent release. No labels, no marketing money. No nothing. Just your love. Thank you so so much.”

Have You Created A Reel On Justh’s Track ‘Chor’ Yet???

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