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Best Bollywood Songs From 2019 That Made A Permanent Place In Our Playlist

Here is a list of best Bollywood songs from 2019 that have made a permanent place in our playlist.

In the recent trend of making remakes of old songs, Bollywood has yet become successful in producing some great new music in the year 2019. Even though most of the movies in the year haven’t been blockbusters but we have received a great share of music and amazing songs.

Following is a list of some best Bollywood songs from 2019, these are the songs that have made a permanent place in our Playlist.

1) Apna Time Aayega (Gully Boy)

The first rap music-based movie of Bollywood and this track from the movie definitely received a lot of love from the audience and it is surely in our playlist.

2) Main Lad Jaana (URI: The Surgical Strike)

This song and movie proved to be a great inspiration for us and we also saw the hard work of the soldiers. Without any doubt, the song has made a permanent place in our playlist.

3) Bulave Tuje Yaar(Lukka Chupi)

This is one of the best love songs of the year 2019 and we definitely fell in love with this song the moments we heard it. The song also has acquired a place in our playlist.

4) Bekhayali (Kabir Singh)

If we are talking about love songs of the year, there is no chance that we will miss this amazing song from the amazing movie. Bekhayali proved to be the favorite song of every heartbroken.

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