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Arjun Spills Beans On Boney Leaving His Mom To Marry Sridevi

In his recent exclusive interview conversation with leading indian film portal whilst promoting Sardar Ka Grandson, Arjun Kapoor spills beans on his father Boney leaving his mom to marry Sridevi.

Opening up on how it was indeed a difficult time for both him and his sister Anshula when their father Boney Kapoor left his mom Mona Shourie to marry late bollywood iconic star Sridevi, in his recent interview, post smashing critical acclaim and rave reviews for digitally hit Sardar Ka Grandson streaming on Netflix, bollywood actor Arjun spills beans on Boney leaving his mom to marry Sridevi.

Busy in promotions of his latest film Sardar Ka Grandson streaming on Netflix, in this new interview conversation citing that ‘I can’t say I’m Okay, but I understand it’, renowned B-town star Arjun spills beans on Boney leaving his mom to marry Sridevi.

Speaking in depth about it and much more during this recent interview with a renowned indian digital film portal wherein he was also promoting Sardar Ka Grandson that’s streaming digitally on global giant OTT platform Netflix, Arjun spills beans on Boney leaving his mom to marry Sridevi.

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In the interview, opening up on his father / renowned bollywood film producer Boney Kapoor who left his and Anshula’s mom Mona Shourie in order to marry Sridevi back in 1996 and here Arjun Kapoor also got candid about his equation and bonding with father Boney Kapoor, wherein he actually opened up on time wherein his parents got separated.

Sharing and opening up on same, Arjun said, “It’s about compatibility, there is friendship, there is saturation. There is unfortunate frustration, people go through different phases in life. You could have been in love with somebody, and you can fall in love with somebody after that, and that has to be understood”.

Furthermore, he also added, “I can’t say I’m okay with what my father did, because as a child I felt the repercussions, but I understand it. I can’t say ‘theek hai, hota hai’ (it’s fine as such things happen), because I will always wonder. But when I rationalise it as an older person who’s dealing with his own relationship highs and lows, you understand”.

Also opening up on the time post Sridevi’s untimely demise back in 2018 wherein he stood as a pillar of support for his father Boney Kapoor and half-sisters Jhanvi and Khushi Kapoor, the Panipat (2019) fame bollywood actor said, “My mother’s upbringing came in my head. She would’ve told me to be by my father’s side regardless of what obstacles we face, because of a choice he made where he fell in love. And I respect my father for falling in love again. Because love is complex. And we would be silly and churlish sitting here in 2021 saying that you only fall in love once. Love is complex, love is complicated, love isn’t always about being in love”.

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