All Women Who Accused Sajid Khan Of Sexual Harassment

Here are all the women and celebrities who accused Sajid Khan of sexual harassment and misconduct.

Sajid Khan is facing extreme backlash for appearing on the reality tv show Bigg Boss 16 many celebrities from the industry have opposed his participation in the show stating that a #MeToo accused shouldn’t be allowed to appear on a show with a huge viewership like Bigg Boss. Many celebs including Sherlyn Chopra, Rani Chatterjee, and others who claimed to be a victim of the same have now shared their experience. Here are all the women and celebrities who accused Sajid Khan of sexual harassment and misconduct.

  1. Saloni Chopra

Saloni Chopra was one of the first victims who raised her voice against filmmaker Sajid Khan for sexual harassment. Saloni started working as Sajid’s assistant director in 2011. Saloni mentioned that all of it started with Sajid asking uncomfortable questions, she also mentioned other cases where the filmmaker assaulted other girls.

2. Mandana Karimi

Another celebrity who gained massive attention from her #MeToo revelation was Mandana Karimi who has now left the Bollywood industry after Sajid Khan entered the reality television show Bigg Boss 16. Mandana revealed that Sajid asked her to remove her clothes when she went out to audition for his film “Humshakals”.

3. Aahana Kumra

Apart from Mandana, “Lipstick Under My Burkha” actress Aahana Kumra also stood up against Sajid Khan. Aahana alleged that though the filmmaker didn’t touch her, but did ask her inappropriate questions when she went out to meet him for work. During her interview, Sajid asked Aahana, “Would you have sex with a dog if I gave you Rs 100 crore?”

4. Jiah Khan

Late actress Jiah Khan’s sister earlier revealed that Jiah did face harassment during her initial days in the industry. She mentioned that Sajid asked her sister to remove her clothes.

5. Rani Chatterjee

Bhojpuri actress Rani Chatterjee recently revealed that Sajid harassed her when he called her for the Himmatwala shooting. She claimed that the filmmaker did touch her inappropriately during their meeting for the film Himmatwala.

6. Sherlyn Chopra

Apart from Rani Chatterjee, actress Sherlyn Chopra recently made shocking revelations claiming that Sajid flashed his private part at her when she went out to meet him for work he later asked her to rate it on a scale of 0 to 10.

7. Rachel White

Reacting to Saloni Chopra’s tweet Rachel White who appeared in the film Ungli also shared her experience with Sajid. She stated that the filmmaker asked her to strip when she went to his home for auditions.

8. Dimple Paul

Model and actress Dimple Paul also shared her experience, she claimed that she was only 17 years old when Sajid harassed her while mentioning that he would give her a role in his film Housefull.

9. Simran Suri

Just like Rani Chaterjee Simran Suri also visited Sajid’s house to audition for his film Himmatwala during which he asked her to strip. She claimed that Sajid pulled down her top when she shouted he asked her to lower her voice, after which she left the place.

10. Journalist (Karishma Upadhyay)

Another such incident remains with journalist Karishma Upadhyaya who took to her social media to share her experience. Karishma claimed that Sajid flashed his private part to her when she went out to interview him.

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