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After KK’s Death, Fans Share Shocking Details Of Concert, Video Goes Viral

After the death of popular singer KK fans reveal shocking details about what happened during the concert in Kolkata.

The demise of veteran singer KK has left everyone in shock. The popular singer whose full name was Krishnakumar Kunnath has left for a heavenly abode after a concert in Kolkata. Now, a fan has shared a post on social media. The fan gave details on how the event was overcrowded and how the singer’s constant requests were ignored by the management.

The fan wrote, “The AC was not working at Nazrul Mancha, he had a performance at the same place yesterday. He did complain yesterday as well because he was sweating profusely. First of all, it’s not an open auditorium, and when the venue is charging so much money at least they should keep a check on their appliances. If you watch the video closely, you can literally see the way he was sweating and brushing off the sweat. He was literally requesting the management to switch on the AC and switch off some of the lights. He was saying “Pichwara jal raha hai”. People literally broke the gates and entered the auditorium without any pass. What was the management doing? Where was the security? Just imagine the heat of Kolkata, and then a closed auditorium with such a big crowd with no AC working and you are singing like crazy at the top of your voice. The heart attack was not normal, I am shocked like shocked. Idk what to say.”

While another fan wrote, “Found the reason for suffocation: Are you guys really educated? Are you guys really deserve to be in a college? Spraying Fire extinguishers in an overcrowded place can cause Histotoxic Hypoxia, which can also result in suffocation and death for a lot of people. If this was sprayed inside the auditorium it definitely had created suffocation in KK. This is just ridiculous behavior. No management, No security. The picture is becoming more clear now. All we need now is #JusticeForKK.” 

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