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5 best Malayalam movies of 2019: You must add to your watchlist

Malayalam cinema has enjoyed a golden age of filmmaking where we got to see a diverse variety of everyday issues that became themes to carry forward a remarkable story. Here are 5 best Malayalam movies of 2019 that you must definitely ass to your watchlist.

1. Virus 

The story is based on a real-life account of the deadly Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala. The film shows a courageous fight put on by several individuals which helps to contain the epidemic.

2. Thanneermathan Dinangal

A film with the perfect blend of rom-com based in a school. A school teacher named Ravi Padmanabhan comes into the lives of Jason and his friends.

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3. Prathi Poovankozhy

Madhuri (Manju Warrier) and ordinary salesgirl take extraordinary revenge against Antappn (Roshan Andrews) who misbehaved to her during a bus journey.

4. Luca 

A trilling investigation with some pinch of romance, the film tells the story about two couples: a Kochi-based scrap artist named Luca and his girlfriend Niharika; and a police officer named Akbar and his wife Fathima.

5. Ilayaraja

A middle-aged man named Vanajan lives in a modest house along with his ailing father, wife, and children. His life takes an unexpected turn when a moneylender he is indebted makes Vanajan a strange offer one day.

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