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New Zealand glaciers turn brown due to Australian bushfires

The icy white glaciers in New Zealand’s South Island have turned brown after being exposed to smoke, dust and ash from the deadly Australian bushfire crisis. Internet users have shared shocking photographs and videos on different social media platforms which showed the impact of the drifting smoke on some of the country’s magnificent and pristine attractions. The pictures taken from the Southern Alps showed the smoke haze had tinged the snow-capped mountain peaks and glaciers a shade of ‘caramel’. 

While speaking to an international media outlet, Met service forecaster Cameron Coutts said that the last couple of days the fires in Australia have picked up in their intensity and produced a significant amount of smoke. He further added that the smoke is not really affecting people on the ground level at the moment, even though it is quite thick. A satellite note issued by the Bureau of Meteorology reportedly also said that the extensive smoke haze has been seen across eastern NSW and Victoria and it further extends both northwards and Queensland and also extends from the North Central Coast of NSW across the Tasman Sea. 

Military deployed for evacuation

Australian authorities have also deployed military and navy to evacuate tens of thousands of people stranded on popular seaside towns of the east coast. The east coast seaside towns are known for being a tourist hotspot and the recent bushfires have forced both the holidaymakers and residents to flee the region. According to authorities, more than 200 bushfires are active across the southeastern states of New South Wales and Victoria. 

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