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KFC Deletes Iconic Tagline In View Of COVID 19 Pandemic

Popular global fast food chain KFC deletes its iconic tagline "Finger Lickin' Good" in view of the COVID 19 pandemic.

It’s a very common thing of years old globally well renowned fast food restaurant chains having their own slogans and tag lines which helps them in creating a buzz around their brand and also grabs the eyeballs and attention of the consumers as well. But something very shocking has happened with this one famous food brand for the first time ever in 64 years of its existence, where KFC deletes iconic tagline in view of COVID 19 pandemic.

Fans, food lovers, foodies, food bloggers and food aficionados might have gotten a big unexpected surprise by this completely unexpected move and decision taken by this brand where it’s really a big jolt as KFC deletes iconic tagline in view of COVID 19 pandemic.

In these unprecedented times of the ongoing deadly coronavirus pandemic all around the world where everyone is changing their normal ways to adjust and sustain in this new day normal from now on, KFC’s tagline “Finger Lickin’ Good” caught the instant attention of the twitteratis and netizens last month following which the brand had to face the ire and rage of its fans and food connoisseurs for promoting this type of eating practice that too in current pandemic situation, following which KFC deletes iconic tagline in view of COVID 19 pandemic.

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Approximately seven months ago, a twitter user John Slinger posted a tweet on his twitter account dating back to 12th March 2020 where his tweet read, “Hi @kfc @KFC_UKI you should consider pulling your ads which show people licking their fingers, as per this one on the @TfL Tube. It’s NOT good to lick fingers during the Coronavirus pandemic”.

Source: John Slinger Twitter. He posted this tweet condemning their tagline months back in March 2020.

After facing getting mocked and trolled by everyone on the social media brutally where they heavily criticized this 64 year old iconic tagline of KFC, KFC deletes iconic tagline in view of COVID 19 pandemic where they literally suspended their classic tagline after almost 64 years of their existence and also told the customers to continue enjoying their meals like before without engaging in their customary and mandatory finger licking good tagline.

This news was made public by Ian Dempsey’s official twitter handle, who is the host of the popular Ian Dempsey’s Breakfast Show at Today FM in Los Angeles, where his tweet read, “KFC have paused the use of its classic ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ slogan after 64 years!”

Source: Ian Dempsey Twitter. He shared this official news of KFC suspending their iconic tagline in lieu of the COVID 19 pandemic.

In an official statement for the suspended tagline, KFC’s global chief marketing officer said, “We find ourselves in a unique situation – having an iconic slogan that doesn’t quite fit in the current environment. The slogan will be back. Just when the time is right”.

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