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Granit Xhaka may be stripped off Arsenal captaincy after he tells fans to ‘f*** off’

Granit Xhaka who is not popular amongst the Gunners fans was jeered off after he was replaced by Bukayo Saka. The captain was seen telling the fan to 'f*** off'.

Granit Xhaka who was replaced by Bukayo Saka was seen responding angrily to criticism from the home crowd after he was substituted. Xhaka relationship with Gunners fans just hit rock bottom after he appeared to tell supporters to ‘f*** off.’ Not only that but manager Unai Emery will also be holding a talk with Arsenal’s higher-ups to decide whether Granit Xhaka will still remain captain after the stunt he pulled.

When manager Emery was upfront asked if Xhaka would remain, captain, he said, “It’s not the moment to speak about that because first I want to speak with him and the club. We need to stay calm but, really, he was wrong.” Reports have it that a crisis talks with his skipper is scheduled for Monday, and where Xhaka may be reprimanded.

Xhaka is already the least favourite of the Gunners fans due to his series of antagonizing gestures. According to Emery, Arsenal fans are not to be blamed for sarcastically applauding and booing their captain, and he insisted that the captain could have dealt with the situation in a cooler manner. He claimed that he and club and trying to manage to play under pressure, and how one needs to clear out the mind if under pressure. He also rightly stated how in difficult situations our heart can be hot, but our minds ought to be clever. 

He further stated, “We are going to speak (about that) inside, with the players and the club. We are here because we have supporters. We are the workers inside the club but we play for them. We need to have a lot of respect for them when they are applauding us but also when they are criticizing us.”

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