Prithviraj Chavan Predicts Win For Mahagatbandhan’s In Bihar Elections

Senior Congress leader Prithviraj Chavan feels that anger against the NDA could mean victory for Congress.

Prithviraj Chavan predicts win for Mahagatbandhan’s in the Bihar Elections. The Congress leader feels that people’s anger towards NDA could work in the favour of Congress and RJD’s alliance.

Rashtriya Janta Dal’s Tejashwi is Mahagatbandhan’s Chief Ministerial candidate against incumbent Nitish Kumar. Nitish Kumar’s JDU is backed by NDA.

While the Prime Minister has been rallying with Nitish Kumar, there seems to be visible cracks in this delicate alliance.

There has been reports of some rows between the NDA partners when BJP posters dropped Nitish Kumar’s image and kept on that of Prime Minister Modi.

This could work in the opposition’s favour.

“There is internal resentment against JD(U), which is riven by factionalism,” said Mr. Chavan, MLA from Karad South in Satara district.

Chavan feels that BJP is playing an under the table game in alliance with its ally Chirag Paswan led Lok Jan Shakti Party to oppose the JDU. He alleged that on front the BJP is supporting Nitish Kumar ‘s JDU but they are in cahoots with LJP.

Prithviraj Chavan also feels that there is now time for a new line of leaders

“There is an undertow of sympathy for Lalu Prasad as he has been shunted in jail for many years now. A new generation of young leaders from the grand coalition has now emerged,” he said.

Mr. Chavan said the BJP’s announcement to give free COVID-19 vaccines in Bihar was “reprehensible” and a crude vote-garnering tactic. “I condemn that statement in their manifesto… The Centre is shamelessly politicising the pandemic by saying, in effect, that Bihar will get free vaccines if it votes for the BJP. This is intolerable. Vaccines must be provided to all States, irrespective of whether they are poll-bound or not,” he said.

“Instead of developing a fair and equitable strategy to distribute Covid-19 vaccine to all Indians, BJP’s Bihar manifesto suggests #vaccinepolitics to win Bihar election. Singling out one state for free vaccines for a political advantage is blatantly unfair, illegal and inhuman,” Mr. Chavan earlier tweeted.

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He concluded with comparisons with Bangladesh who is now ahead of India in many important things.

“Today, even Bangladesh, a country that India helped create, has surpassed us in terms of the per capita income…India’s economy has become a source of real concern,” he said.