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BJP Blasted CM On Blocking CBI And Withdrawing Consent

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray made a huge change in the working of Maharashtra government. It blocked CBI from looking into cases in the state with out consent.

The Bhartiya Janta Party or BJP blasted CM of Maharashtra for his decision.

BJP leader Ram Kadam accused the Maharashtra government of trying to hide facts a day after this decision.

Ram Kadam also stated that this decision shows that the government and its leaders are afraid of truths that could come out. This is a coward’s move to distort facts.

He also spoke about the Palaghar lynching case. Kadam also dragged MVA in to the debate. He tweeted, “ censorship on CBI is unacceptable. We have seen what development Maharashtra Govt has done in the Palghar Lynching case. If CBI is censored in Maharashtra , Palghar like incidents will be buried more in state.

Ram Kadam also felt that there was no satisfactory development in the Palghar lynching case and had requested CBI assistance just two days back.

He tweeted, “No satisfactory development in Palghar Lynching Case.

 Request to give the case to CBI

more than six months have elapsed since the occurrence of the horrific lynching incident against sadhus at Palghar. There has been no significant development.


Sanjay Raut, the spokesperson of Shiv Sena has said that if the state government has put a ban on CBI then there must be a valid reason. He also said that the Union Home Ministry should reflect on why this decision was needed.

Raut also spoke about how the centre’s under the table move was not acceptable to the government. He asked if it was proper of another FIR to be registered in Patna when the Mumbai Police was already handling the case. 

This was a disguised reference to the Sushant Singh Rajput Case. The case was being handled by Mumbai Police. But another FIR filed in Patna by the actor’s father led to the involvement of the CBI.

The Uddhav Thackeray led government had issued an order of withdrawing consent to the CBI from probing cases in the stated. It stops CBI from exercising their powers and jurisdiction under an act in the state.

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The decision implies that the CBI will need the state’s permission to enter its jurisdiction to carry out any investigation, effectively stripping the central agency of its powers to probe cases in Maharashtra.

The Maharashtra state government feels that this is an attempt by the UP government to put it claws in the ongoing Mumbai Police investigation.

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