How does Losing Sleep May Impact our body?

Losing sleep is not the best choice if you wish better health. Good Sleep is directly proportional to good Health.

Sleep is the most essential part of our daily routine. Our whole day’s tiredness is cleaned off when we get good amount of sleep throughout the night. The less you sleep the less fresh you feel the next morning. A person’s body is impacted in many ways because of losing sleep. Less sleep increases the risk of certain cancers and car accidents. Less sleep affects your immune system, reduces your sex drive, weight gain and also effects our thinking process.

Here are some major impacts caused to our body because of losing sleep.

1) The rate of getting sick increases as the immune system is affected and this makes it easier for the disease to catch hold of us. We also start gaining weight.

2) An inappropriate amount of sleep has a negative impact on our heart, in other words, the possibility of heart disease or a stroke increases. 

3) Less sleep makes your body prone to dangerous disease like breast cancer, colorectal cancer, etc.

4) Less sleeps mean lesser time for our mind and body to relax and this impacts the next day’s routine, we find it very difficult to think you also start forgetting important things.

5) Having slept for less than 5 hours in the night decreases the testosterone levels. The sex hormone level drop by approx. 10-15%. To conclude, less sleep reduces your sex drive.

We suggest everyone reading this article to have the perfect amount of sleep as more sleep also has similar impacts. Try not to be sleep-deprived for better health.