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Raveena Tandon Shares An Easy Way To Get Rid Of Dry Skin In Winters

Raveena Tandon has shared a simple way to get rid of dry skin in winters. Check out the video!

Raveena Tandon has been sharing some easy and quick home remedies to take care of oneself. In her recent video, she shared how to get rid of dry skin in winters. She mentioned how women get a dry akin and rough hands after doing householdd chores. She suggested to take some olive oil and mix salt in it. Raveena told that rubbing it on your skin will make it smooth.

In another video, she mentioned a bathing routine for the upcoming winter season. She said, “Make sure the soap you use for bathing is a gentle, organic one that does not harm your skin,” says Raveena in the video. She also suggests the right way to use the towel on your skin. “After bathing, dab yourself dry with a towel. Do not rub the towel on your skin vigorously.”

She laid stress on the fact that it is necessary to keep the skin moisturized. She suggested using raw milk, which she calls ‘best moisturizer’.

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