Laapataa Ladies Review: Ghunghat Ke Peechhe Kaun Hai?

Kiran Rao & Aamir Khan are back again with their Ghunghat-Tale set in rural India. Will the young lad (Deepu) be able to locate his lost lady-love, or she will forever remain Laapataa for him?

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Ghunghat Ke Peechhe Kaun Hai?

Laapataa Ladies Cast/Actors: Nitanshi Goel as Phool Kumari, Sparsh Shrivastava as Deepu, Pratibha Ranta as Pushpa Rani, Ravi Kishan as Cop, Chhaya Kadam as Manju Mai and Durgesh Kumar as Dubey Ji.

Laapataa Ladies Release Date: 1st March, 2024

Laapataa Ladies Director: Kiran Rao

Laapataa Ladies Available On: Theatrical Release and (likely to be released on Jio Cinemas Digital Platform)

Laapataa Ladies Released/Available In Languages: Hindi

Laapataa Ladies Runtime: 2h 6m

Laapataa Ladies Critic Review:

It’s a Rajkumar Hirani formula. Loads of fun that giftwrap a spate of social statements.

A train with newly-weds – all hidden behind long veils (ghunghats). It’s only when Deepu (Sparsh Shrivastava of Jamtara fame) reaches home to a band-baja welcome that the groom discovers he’s brought home the wrong bride, “Chachi badli ho gayi”, as the trailers have already revealed.

Where’s his young wife Phool (Nitanshi Goel)?

Who’s Pushpa Rani (Pratibha Ranta), the ‘wife’ Deepu has inadvertently brought home?

Paan-chewing small town cop (Ravi Kishan), in charge of the local police station, is intrigued. Two missing brides, location unknown of both.

For eons, the ghunghat has been Hindi cinema’s favourite metaphor for social backwardness and suppression of women. Director Kiran Rao also uses the ultimate cinematic symbol of regression but fortunately with so much mirth that it entertains and educates without hurting sentiments.

A ready template is provided to Kiran by Biplab Goswami’s original story, Sneha Desai’s sparkling screenplay and dialogues with additional dialogues by Divyanidhi Sharma. Ram Sampath makes a hearty contribution with a peppy soundtrack that enhances the witty mood set by the writers.

Despite the cynicism of railway platform stall owner Manju Mai (Chaaya Kadam), made crusty by circumstances, Phool who’s been trained for household chores, has undiminished hope that Deepu will find her. There’s strength in her naivete – keep the faith, there’s a lesson in there from Phool as much as there is in Pushpa Rani, the reluctant bride’s bid to escape tradition.

Small town humour with a sprinkle of Bhojpuri and a timely jab at the hijab to maintain a balance, combines with Ravi Kishan’s delightful Manohar the cop to deliver well-rounded entertainment. Sparsh is perfect as Deepu, the distraught groom, Nitanshi Goel gives Phool innocence as the bride stepping into a new sphere of light and Pratibha Ranta brings intrigue replaced by feistiness to Pushpa/Jaya.

Ultimately, it’s not about finding the brides, it’s about the brides behind the veil finding themselves and you’ve got to hand it to Kiran Rao for putting it all together so efficiently.

Laapataa Ladies- Watch it or Not?: Go to the movies for a fun time with the family and come home a wee bit wiser.

Laapataa Ladies Score Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Laapataa Ladies Official Trailer:

Laapataa Ladies Official Trailer (Credit: T-Series)

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Ghunghat Ke Peechhe Kaun Hai?Laapataa Ladies Review: Ghunghat Ke Peechhe Kaun Hai?