Shark Tank 3: Anupam Mittal Gets Into A Nasty Fight With A Female Pitcher, Leaves Her In Tears

In the recent episode of Shark Tank India season 3, Anupam Mittal was seen getting in a verbal altercation with a female pitcher.

In the recent episode of Shark Tank India 3, Anupam Mittal found himself in a verbal disagreement with an entrepreneur. On Friday, the show’s creators released a teaser showcasing glimpses of various entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to the judges. The teaser began with an entrepreneur introducing the judges to their “world-class laser treatment” and explaining how they offer door-to-door services for the same.

Anupam Mittal’s Fight With Pitcher

In the teaser, Aman Gupta raises a question to the entrepreneur, asking if their company is not very similar to Urban Clap. “Just like Urban Clap offers salon services at home, you guys offer skincare services at home,” he commented. In response, the entrepreneur said, “Please do not compare both companies, sir.”

After this, Anupam Mittal questioned the entrepreneur about their market share percentage, to which she responded, “Our business’s percentage share is divided by the 2 billion market because no one else is doing it.” This response left Mittal somewhat disappointed, leading him to label the entrepreneur as “arrogant.” “The manner in which you’re responding, you appear a bit arrogant,” he remarked.

When the entrepreneur apologized for her remarks, Mittal inquired about her emotional response. She defended herself by stating, “Kyuki aab aapne mere personality par allegation hi laga diya” and acknowledged that she had “made a mistake.”

Pitcher Breaks Down In Tears, Peyush Bansal Offers Tissues

Following this, the entrepreneur became upset, leading Peyush Bansal to quickly come to her side and offer her a tissue to wipe her tears. He explained to her that although her intentions were good, her words could upset people. Bansal then encouraged the entrepreneur to be careful with her choice of words. Vineeta also joined Peyush in comforting Saumya.

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