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Priyal Opens Up On Shock After Learning Her Movie Got Released

Opening up on her feeling totally shocked and also surprised, in recent interview TV actress Priyal Gor opens up on shock after learning her movie got released.

One of the most popular indian television actress who is also a huge name today down South in Tollywood industry and also a renowned face in the digital world as well, in recent interview, Priyal opens up on shock after learning her movie got released.

Known for her remarkable performances in television serials like Dekha Ek Khwaab and Ram Milaayi Jodi, Priyal opens up on shock after learning her movie got released.

Opening up more on her feeling totally baffled and surprised after getting to know about the same, Priyal opens up on shock after learning her movie got released.

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One of the most loved and finest actress on Indian television, Priyal Gor went into a state of shock and surprise after knowing that her big bollywood debut film which is the maverick bollywood film maker Vikram Bhatt’s Badnaam also co-starring Mohit Sehgal got released overnight via digital platform.

With the pandemic restrictions in view, production houses are taking the web route to showcase their films to the world which also happened with Priyal. The only difference and point here was that she did not know her movie had been released.

In her recent interview for same with leading digital entertainment portal, Priyal said, “I completed shooting for the film in 2018 and it was scheduled to get a release in 2019. But due to some reason that didn’t happen. All of sudden yesterday I came to know that the film has been released and that, because my fans informed me about it. Honestly, after knowing this, I had mixed emotions like I was in a state of shock. By now I have seen the film twice. At first, I was shocked. Now I am a bit relaxed”.

Opening up on her character in the film, Priyal adds, “The character I play in this film is very different from what I have done in my career of 10-11 years. Hence I was always very excited for it to go to the audience. Although I am not very inclined towards film as I am happy with the things I am doing on TV, OTT, and advertisements. Since I had done a couple of web series with Vikram Bhatt. They were very keen on taking me. No audition or screen test happened. One sudden day they just called me and informed me that we are making a film like this and we want you to do this role. I liked the character and it was being completely shot in London which was like a paid vacation. So there was no reason to say a no. It was just for an experience and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting for the movie”.

The film Badnaam also features actor Mohit Sehgal and further, also sharing one of the experiences of shooting an action scene, Priyal said, “For one of the scenes, we shot in a prison in London. As I am also locked up there and few women try to harass me. I have a fight with them and they push me towards a cupboard. My ears were injured, and the shooting was stopped for some time. It was very painful but I didn’t check the injury until I packed up for the day or else I would have freaked out”.

Priyal, who believes in looking at the positive side, added, “Though I was not aware of the release of the film, but now I am happy with the fact that it is out on a reputed platform. And most importantly the audience is getting to see my hard work”.

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