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Pratik: Bigg Boss Mein Mere Opinions Aur Voice Dono Badhegi

Suave and dashing digital star who charmed his way in hearts of fans via BB OTT and now in BB 15, Pratik Sehajpal in recent interview says Bigg Boss mein mere opinion aur voice dono badhegi.

The most popular and talked celebrity whose fights in popular reality series Bigg Boss OTT often led him to get slammed by Karan Johar on the Sunday Ka Vaar as he lost his temper quickly and also constantly grabbed the attention and eyeballs of audiences and fans as well, ultimately Pratik Sehajpal became one of the first ever celebrity contestant to enter the highly awaited indian television’s most popular and controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss 15 hosted by global superstar Salman Khan which has started airing on Colors TV from 2nd October and opening up on this and much more, Pratik says Bigg Boss mein mere opinions aur voice dono badhegi.

Its also true that undoubtedly Pratik chose to enter the TV reality show over winning the BB OTT trophy and has zero regrets over his decision. Opening up on the same, in a recent interview conversation, Pratik says Bigg Boss mein mere opinions aur voice dono badhegi.

In his recent interview prior to his entry in the house, Pratik says Bigg Boss mein mere opinions aur voice dono badhegi.

In a latest interview by a leading digital entertainment portal, the Bigg Boss 15 contestant Pratik says Bigg Boss mein mere opinions aur voice dono badhegi.

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Opening up on his excitement of sharing stage with iconic bollywood superstar Salman Khan, Pratik Sehajpal said, “Maine Bigg Boss ko bahot chaha hai and ab woh mere pass opportunity aa gayi hai toh mujhe uski bahot kadra hai. I do not regret my decision to choose the suitcase and take the cash amount and be the first contestant to be on Bigg Boss 15”.

Also adding about how he wants to win Bigg Boss’s Bigg Boss 15 season this time around, Pratik reveals, “I want to be the winner of Bigg Boss 15 and that is the reason why I did Bigg Boss OTT and opted to be out of it in the finale as it gave me an opportunity to be on the show”.

Furthermore, the elated Pratik also asserted, “Bigg Boss OTT of course was a great opportunity but doing Bigg Boss 15 which airs on television and is hosted by Salman Khan sir is a big thing. I have always dreamt of standing next to him and being a part of Bigg Boss. I was born prepared to participate and win Bigg Boss”.

When quizzed that whether he’ll try to control his temper in the BB 15 house, on this Pratik shared, “After I came out of Bigg Boss OTT house and watched the reruns I thought I didn’t raise my voice and opinions on several occasions. Toh ab Bigg Boss mein mere opinions and meri voice aur badh jayegi as compared to the OTT version”.

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