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Friday, May 14, 2021
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Nitesh Pandey: I See A Lot Of Myself And My Wife In Hasmukh And Kaku’s Relationship


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After a decade or two of marriage, there are some couples who still find ways to celebrate their love and strengthen their relationship. One such way is to renew their wedding vows and reminisce their wedding memories with a personalised ceremony involving those closest to them.

Recently on Sony Entertainment Television’s show Indiawaali Maa, the much loved on screen couple Kaku and Hasmukh portrayed by ace actors Suchita Trivedi and Nitesh Pandey celebrated their anniversary and commemorated the 28 years of marital bliss in a beautiful ceremony. The on-screen couple is the epitome of a compatible equation as they have always successfully ironed out the creases that the rough and tumble that married life leaves in its wake. They have honoured the maturity of their relationship time and again.

Sharing his thoughts on the anniversary special, Nitesh Pandey said, “Marriage is a constant, workin-progress project. These days, we don’t get to witness much healthy and stable relationship. However, Kaku and Hasmukh are different. They share an old school love. They respect and trust each other in every circumstance. Usually, after so many years, couples tend to take each other for granted. Honestly, I see a lot of myself and my wife in Hasmukh and Kaku’s relationship. It reminds me of our love and how it all began.

Which is why it’s so endearing to see Kaku and Hasmukh on screen. It’s important to set an example for today’s generation on how to cherish love long term. Needless to say, the anniversary special episode is extremely close to me.”

While the ongoing track on the show celebrates the endless love of Kaku and Hasmukh, on the other hand it draws a parallel to Rohan and Cheenu’s rocky relationship and how the old school couple with help reunite the millennial love birds.

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