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Narayani Shastri And Vijayendra Kumeria Give Impactful Performances In Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Actress Narayani Shastri needs no introduction. She has proved her versatility in many shows and has always won accolades for her performance. Currently, Narayani is portraying the role of Rajvee Rawal in Amir and Sonali Jaffar’s Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha on Star Plus.  Speaking about Rajvee Narayani says, “Rajvee Rawal is a confident, sorted and strong person who wears her heart on her sleeve. She always shows her love for her sons. Her family is everything for her. As a person, she is very fair and has immense integrity.”

She adds while talking about her performance, “I am not a method actor. I do things spontaneously once I understand the personality of the character I play.”

On asking about her onscreen son Vijayendra Kumeria, Narayani says, “Vijayendra is so easy to work with. He is very professional, always prepared with his lines, and open to suggestions. He met me as Darsh not Vijayendra which made our chemistry the way it is.”

So how you sum up the journey of acting so far? “A beautiful journey full of fun. I did everything I wanted to do and have no regrets. The journey had its ups and downs but that is the fun. I feel blessed with all the opportunities.” Speaking about the powerful producer duo Amir and Sonali, Narayani says, “They are lovely people to work with – no egos, no hassle. Very understanding of what the actor is saying and their needs”

Narayani’s long career has shows like Piya Ka Ghar, Mamta, Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann, Piya Rangrezz. Speaking about her greatest teacher in her craft she says, ”I feel acting is a gift for me. It comes from within. I guess in my past life I was an actress too. A person who teaches me, encourages me and polishes my tough edges would be my director from Piya Ka Ghar Chander Bahl. I love him. Every actress should get a first director like him. They will blossom into a confident well-rounded artist.”

Recently the episode showed an emotional breakdown of Vijyendra Kumaria as Darsh and the mother-son scenes had a high emotional connection with the audiences. We can say it is one of the best mother son Jodi on TV with ample scope for performance in their respective roles. Both Narayani and Vijyendra are giving their best.

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