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Karan Mehra Claims Everything Was Planned In Advance By Nisha

In his recent exclusive interview with a leading daily newspaper publication off late, ace TV star Karan Mehra claims everything was planned in advance by Nisha and much more.

We all know how Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra’s ugly fight with each other is getting more intense with each passing which started when Nisha filed an FIR to Mumbai police about Karan doing domestic violence with her and also cited him of having an extramarital affair thereby getting him arrested on 1st June and later he got released on bail and ever since both of them have been giving out their side of stories in interviews and now latest update is that Karan Mehra claims everything was planned in advance by Nisha.

According to latest news reports in leading newspaper publication, Karan Mehra claims everything was planned in advance by Nisha.

Opening up on how he felt that it is a well-planned conspiracy against him, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame TV actor Karan Mehra claims everything was planned in advance by Nisha.

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In these latest news reports, Karan also claimed that their 4 BHK house had 7 cameras installed but strangely the footage of their fight has not been recorded at all as all the cameras were off when the couple had their nasty altercation with each other and also clearly said that their house had cameras installed in the house excluding their bedroom and also confessed that the cameras in the living room would have surely captured the spot wherein his estranged wife Nisha purposely banged her head against the wall.

Explaining all this in his latest conversational interview with leading newspaper publication, he said, “There are seven cameras in our 4BHK apartment. Every room has a camera barring the bedroom. The camera in the hall is installed at an angle that could have captured the area where she hit her head against the wall”.

Furthermore, he also added, “But then, I realised that Nisha had switched off the cameras in the house. If we had the footage, things would have been clearer, but the main control was switched off. Everything seemed to have been orchestrated and planned in advance”.

On being quizzed about it, Nisha acknowledged about the fact that the cameras had been switched off by her some time ago also sharing that he behaved properly in front of the camera and abused and hit her in the bedroom where they did not have camera.

In an earlier interview for same, Nisha said, “Yes, the cameras were off, and I had switched them off some time ago. Karan would be on his best behaviour, be nice to me and play with our son Kavish wherever there were cameras, while in the bedroom where we didn’t have a camera; he would abuse and hit me. So, I had switched off the cameras many days ago. Now, the police have confiscated the DVR, which would record everything”.

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