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Jackie Shroff Calls Saumit, ‘Dance Ka Jaadugar’ On Super Dancer Chapter 4

Super Dancer – Chapter 4 is all set to present a visual extravaganza on 14th August with a one-of-a-kind and unique experience! This will be the first time in reality show history, and perhaps the first time in the world, that the audience will be delighted by 75 distinct dance forms from across the world displayed in a single episode.

Contestant Saumit aka Chota Burman and Super Guru Vaibhav blow the judges and guests judges mind by performing on three different dance genres! Including dance forms like ‘Banhgra,’ ‘Lezim,’ and ‘Tollywood’ in their act, the duo outperformed themselves.

Jackie Shroff who was thoroughly entertained by the performance said, “Jadoo hai bhiddhu yeh jadoo! Mazaa aa gaya! Ek RD Burman the jo apne field ke jaadugar the aur Saumit aap apni field ke jaadugar ho. Also, the way you guys performed Lezim was just terrific. Hum log ek din pakka karengey saath me!”

Sangeeta Bijlani who was visibly mesmerized by the duo’s act added on by saying, “I don’t understand how you guys do this. It was brilliant. I loved this combination of chota packet and badha packet, you guys had an amazing coordination. I think Burman da ke is performance ke liye seedhi banti hai!”

Furthermore, praising the duos act and appreciating their choice of dance forms, Terence Lewis said, “I liked your choice of dance forms because it feels very nice to see our folk dances being performed on such a big stage. You guys have justified every form beautifully in your performance. I have seen Saumit dance a lot now and, I just wait ki ab Vaibhav ussko kaise ghumaayega. I love the trust factor you’ll have with each other and it’s just amazing to see you guys perform every time.”

Resonating with Terence’s sentiments, Anurag Basu said, “Vaibhav you did the right thing by choosing these dance forms because Saumit performs with a lot of energy and enjoys these forms. It was clearly visible in your act. Yeh jo aap logon ne humare Indian dance styles perform kare bass issi ki kami thi.”

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