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    Here’s What Sheen Dass Did To Get Into The Role Of Chinamma In Indiawaali Maa


    Sheen Dass who is seen playing the role of Chinamma in Indiawaali Maa, has given her sweat for this role. Sheen has shed a few kilos to look fit and apt for the role.

    Speaking about loosing weight, Sheen said, “During the lockdown, I have piled on some extra weight by staying at home and eating all the delicacies, that me and my mother cooked. But when I was told about the resuming of the shoot, I followed a strict diet and started eating healthy. The outcome of this is that I have shed at least 8 kgs in the past few weeks. Likewise, I have been doing a lot of jogging and wake up early in the morning and work hard on my physical strengths.”

    Here’s What Sheen Dass Did To Get Into The Role Of Chinamma In Indiawaali Maa
    Sheen Dass – Indiawaali Maa

    Adding further to this, Sheen said, “I am very dedicated to my work and lucky enough to get the opportunity to don the role of Chinamma, who is an independent and carefree girl and has a US lifestyle. I am really looking forward to the viewer’s opinion on the same.”

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    Apart from weight loss, Sheen also learned the classical dance for Indiawaali Maa. Speaking about the same, Sheen said, “I love dancing and I always wanted to learn an Indian classical dance form and when I got to know that it is needed for the show, I gave no time in learning it virtually during the lockdown and I really loved it.”

    Adding further to this she said, “While the western form is popular and supposedly cooler, the Indian classical form is a bit of an underdog. However, after learning I realized that it is one of the few forms that change your body language and adds some grace. I just hope that viewers also find it amazing just the way I felt.”

    From helping you take your first steps to see you become a successful person in life, mothers always take pride in their children’s tiniest achievements. But what happens when you need your mother when you grow up? Well, she is always going to be there even then. Indiawaali Maa beautifully highlights that nobody is too old to need their mothers.

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